Mental Health and Wellness

Photo of two black women, one sitting in a wheelchair, the other leaning next to her embracing each other

Cerebral Palsy Foundation is committed to supporting the mental health and wellness of those with cerebral palsy and their caregivers and loved ones. The CDC reports that adults with disabilities experience frequent mental health problems almost five times more often than adults without disabilities. With this in mind, our aim is provide resources and current research that help you better understand mental health issues that are commonly experienced by those with cerebral palsy and provide support tools that promote mental wellness and resilience.

Cathryn Gray
University of Michigan Student and Adaptive Track Athlete
Edward A. Hurvitz, MD
Professor and Chair, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) at the University of Michigan Medical School.
Heather Riordan, MD
Neurologist and Movement Disorders Specialist, Director of the Phelps Center at KKI