Carol Shrader

Special needs mom, writer, speaker, and advocate.

Carol Mason Shrader is mother to young adult triplets, two of whom have Cerebral Palsy, plus a teenage daughter. In 2008, her then 11-year-old son created a blog — The Blessing Counter -- and encouraged her to write. His willingness to have his story told so that even just one family could find hope in the journey of raising children with Cerebral Palsy inspires her still. She has shared the story of her family around the world and recently wrote a children’s book, “Helix Rolls Into A Sleepover,” where a cute little tortoise gives a glimpse into life with wheels.

Carol is passionate about helping others find the joy in raising their own children with CP; about helping our children reach their full potential; and knocking down road blocks that get in the way of just that. Her husband Wade is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon committed to the medical care of children with Cerebral Palsy. It is their family’s goal to remove helplessness and hopelessness from the diagnosis.

Carol holds a B.A. in Communication from Mississippi State University. She was working on her Master’s of Education at Loyola University in Chicago, IL when she discovered she was expecting triplets.

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