Legal & Benefits

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Often we need extra help navigating benefits such as Social Security/Disability, Medicaid, Medicare, Medicaid Waivers and the legal system. Disability benefits vary across the United States and each state has its own process for administering benefits. Further, the interaction of Special Need Trusts, disability based savings accounts, and employment can all impact disability and medicaid benefits. In this section, we are providing resources that can help with these issues across the lifespan. 

Understanding Benefits

Understanding disability benefits and appropriate ways for individuals with disabilities to save money or plan for the future, can be quite complicated. The resources in this section are designed to give an overview of some the available disability benefits and resources associated with them. 

The ABLE account is a tax-advantaged savings account for individuals with disabilities. The individual with the disability is the account owner. Any income that is earned by the account will not be taxed if the funds in the account are used for “Qualified Disability Expenses”.