Photo of two black women, one sitting in a wheelchair, the other leaning next to her embracing each other

Pain is common in people with cerebral palsy with over 75% of individuals with CP reporting that they experience pain.

Constant or recurring pain is a very common physical concern of individuals with cerebral palsy (CP), often beginning in childhood but becoming more intense and frequent over the lifespan. Here are some facts about pain in CP and measures that can be taken to alleviate this chronic problem.

This section looks also at common causes for pain, assessments for identifying pain as well as emerging treatments. Left untreated pain can adversely impact activities, participation, and quality of life. 

1 in 2 people with cerebral palsy live in chronic pain.

Dr. David Roye, MD
Medical Director, Cerebral Palsy Foundation & Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center, Columbia University Medical Center