Understanding CP Categories

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Our new Cerebral Palsy Resource is designed with YOU in mind – helping you make better decisions and informed choices in your cerebral palsy journey. Learn from top clinicians and providers in the field, as well as from other families and individuals who have walked in your shoes. Here you will find expert insights, fact sheets, stories, blogs, videos, podcasts and much, much more across the cerebral palsy lifespan.  

Understanding how your body works

Understanding How Your Brain & Body Works

In order to understand cerebral palsy, it’s important to understand how our brain and body works and connects. Cerebral Palsy is caused by an injury to the developing brain occurring before, during or shortly after birth. This early brain injury often means the brain is not easily able to send clear messages to the body (such as to the muscles). As a result, posture and movement control, and sometimes other aspects of function, may be ‘impaired’. The more you understand, the more you’ll be able to help support your child, encourage skill development and improve outcomes.

Promoting Activities & Participation

Promoting Activities & Participation

One of the most important things to be aware of and encourage is skill development and interests. From childhood through adulthood, finding interests and encouraging new skills will help improve quality of life – whether it’s in the areas of education, technology, adaptive sports and fitness, outdoor recreation, the arts, or music. What are ways to encourage participation and interests? How can activities be modified or adapted? Learn more from our experts, parent partners and adults with CP.

Personal Factors

Personal Considerations

Every person and every family is different and unique, so there are many personal considerations to take into account as it relates to navigating cerebral palsy. Several of our families, adults with CP and clinicians share their insights and stories.  You are not alone.

Developing Independence

Preparing For The Future

Preparing for the future, developing independence and related skills is what child ‘development’ is all about! We believe that clinicians and providers need to plan and think about the future, with the best possible outcomes in mind, right from the start. Encouraging parents and people with cerebral palsy to work on ways to improve independence and self-confidence will improve quality of life overall.

Optimizing Your Environment

Optimizing Your Environment

Creating an accessible, positive home environment is important for people with cerebral palsy of all ages. For children, it’s critically important that a child with CP is encouraged to fully participate at home and to become part of family activities for their cognitive, social, physical and emotional growth.  For adults with CP, having a home and work environment they can navigate safely and comfortably is important for both physical and mental health.

Interventions can change the lives of those who have cerebral palsy. It is important to talk to your team about goals that are right for you!