Meet Owen

Before Owen's diagnosis, my whole world was black and white..

and I thought everything was good. I thought that I understood the way the world works. After Owen joined our family, our whole world changed into color. Life is so much more complex and sometimes scarier in color, but the world is also so much more beautiful in color. Everybody is on their own unique path and I discovered that normal, the old black and white world, is actually pretty boring.

We found out Owen was high risk for cerebral palsy only 3 days into the NICU. And although we could say we’re so unlucky that this happened to us, I think the most fortunate thing is that we knew so early what was going on and could understand it. We could start working with him literally out of the gate. As soon as we got out of the NICU, he started therapy. We have been so fortunate to know early  because we have had the benefit of time.  We've been able to try different therapies and techniques to determine what works best for him. We've been able to work with excellent people as we put together his support team. We've also learned that no matter how many professionals you have helping you, the most important therapy takes place at home.

“Owen is still a baby, so playing, laughing, singing, and reading with him are all great ways for his brain to grow and learn."

Knowing so early that he had cerebral palsy allowed us seek out more tools to help him recover skills he may have otherwise lost.  It also encouraged us to get creative with ways to allow him to experience his world and do all the things any other baby does. I just take everyday as it comes and really celebrate the little things that he does. For example, he sipped from a straw the other day. That might not seem like a huge accomplishment but it was amazing and brought such pride. It is important to celebrate the little milestones. You may have to adjust your original expectations but I've found so much joy and appreciation on this journey.