Meet Tylynn

We adopted TyLynn and she had a really rough start to life.

She was exposed to alcohol in the womb and there were some domestic violence issues that happen which resulted in her being premature. So it was an emergency C section and we weren't sure if she was going to make it, but she did, and she's a fighter, and she kept fighting and hasn't looked back. 

When we met her in the NICU she wasn't doing a whole lot. We questioned the nurses, "Are you sure she's ready to come home, because she doesn't look like we can take her home. Are you sure she doesn't need to stay and get a little bigger first? After we got the diagnosis we met with Dr. Maitre the next day and she gave us a roadmap. Without having that roadmap of where to go, and what to look for, and what to focus on, we would have been lost. We would've not know what to drill down on, what was age appropriate, what was the next steps, and really how to not look at it in a short glace, but really look long term.

Eating was a struggle at first.....

we had some sensory issues with eating, and had to do some speech therapy and that helped develop those muscles. We had a couple instances where she had some choking episodes because she couldn't swallow the right way and stopped breathing on us a couple different times. It was a really scary time, but therapy helped us get through it and now she eats anything and everything.

But just like all siblings Ty is inquisitive about what her big brother is doing and big brother is annoyed by what little sister is watching him do. So, it is a nice yin and yang for each other. I think he gets a little taste of his own medicine sometimes.