Episode 1. Introduction of "Let’s Talk CP". What Questions Should You Be Asking Your Child’s Clinician?


Our “Let’s Talk CP” podcast series kicks off with a great conversation about what questions to ask your child’s clinician when your child has cerebral palsy. How should you prepare for a medical appointment? What questions should you ask? Should you get a second opinion? Join Cerebral Palsy Foundation host, Cynthia Frisina as she shares candid talk, lessons learned and great advice with fellow moms, Wendy Sullivan and Jennifer Lyman


I do think that it is important to remember that you are an advocate for your child and you do know your child best. And doctor may have a lot more training in certain medical areas, but you as a parent know that child. And I don't think that there is much more than a parent's intuition can give, so go with your gut always. I think that is so important. And if something is telling, this is not right, or this is not what I think is best for my child, then you can always pause.

Wendy Sullivan