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Virtual Town Hall Series
Welcome to our "Virtual Town Hall- New Horizons Series." This series with top clinicians takes an in-depth look at treatment options for symptoms of cerebral palsy, medical conditions that may accompany cerebral palsy, as well as provides advice on managing care, and helpful tips to improve participation and inclusion of those with cerebral palsy.
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Episode 5: Cerebral Palsy Health. Wendy Pierce, MD: What Does a Physiatrist Do Anyway?
On this episode, I have the honor of talking with Wendy Pierce, MD, a pediatric physiatrist at Colorado Children's Hospital about physiatry, also known as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. This fantastic field of medicine can be helpful for individuals with cerebral palsy across with lifespan, but it has a confusing name and sometimes a confusing job description. So we set out to help listeners better understand what a physiatrist does.
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Episode 4: Cerebral Palsy Health. Iona Novak, PhD and Madison Paton, PhD: What's the Deal with Stem Cells Anyway?
On this episode I talk with two of the world’s leading researchers… Dr. Madison Paton and Dr. Iona Novak on stem cell treatment for cerebral palsy. Stem Cells have been a hot topic in Cerebral Palsy for at least 15 years now, with many parents and researchers hoping that at the least, stem cells will lessen the impact of CP and at most hold the key to a cure. Dr. Paton and Dr. Novak will share their insider knowledge into this subject and help us sort through the hype and so we can hold onto our hope.
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Episode 3: Cerebral Palsy Health. Amy Bailes, PhD, PT, PCS: ABC's of CP
On this episode with Dr. Amy Bailes, we discuss the Gross Motor Functional Classification System (the GMFCS), the Gross Motor Functional Measure (the GMFM), and the corresponding motor curves. The GMFCS is an important classification system that is relatively easy to understand and it helps create a shared language and framework for understanding a person with CP’s physical function. This can be very helpful for patients, families and providers of all sorts, especially as it relates to both and acceptance and understanding of the diagnosis and family-centered shared decision making.
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How important is it to control drooling and other frequently asked questions
Drooling is an important problem for many individuals with CP and there are a number of interventions available to treat symptoms. If an individual with CP or their caregiver have concerns about drooling it is important to discuss with a health care provider. Care pathways such as the AACPDM pathway can be a starting point for shared decision making. In all cases, working together as a team is
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Episode 6: Let's Talk CP. Growing up Kutcher. Part 1. Michael Kutcher on Life with Cerebral Palsy and So Much More!
Wonder what it's like to grow up as Michael Kutcher? On this episode of "Let's Talk CP" Michael Kutcher and host Cynthia Frisina dive deep into Michael's childhood and journey to adulthood - including the good, the not so good and the very surprising. You won't want to miss what Michael has to say in this very candid and intimate conversation.
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Episode 5: Let's Talk CP. "What is Genetic Counseling and How Can it Help Your Family?"
If you're interested in learning more about what is involved with genetic testing and how a visit with a genetic counselor might be helpful, join Cynthia Frisina, the host of Let's Talk CP, as she dives deep with licensed genetic counselor, Danielle Lemke and they talk about what genetic counseling really is, how it can help and what it might be used for as it relates to potential genetic causes of cerebral palsy.
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Episode 4. Let's Talk CP. "Cracking the Cerebral Palsy Genetic Code with Dr. Michael Kruer, Physician Scientist at Phoenix Children's Hospital
Can there be a genetic cause of Cerebral Palsy in some cases? Let's Talk CP host, Cynthia Frisina talks with Dr. Michael Kruer about this topic and his ground-breaking research in Part 1 of a two-part discussion about the possible genetic causes of CP. When Michael Kruer was in medical school, he knew he wanted to work with children. With advancements in gene therapy opening up incredible opportunities in neuroscience, he realized he could be a part of something much bigger than himself and give children affected by movement disorders like cerebral palsy hope that didn’t seem possible just a few years ago.
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