Episode 10: Early Detection and Intervention with Dr. Nathalie Maitre

About this Episode

On this episode of Cerebral Palsy Health, Jen talks with neonatologist and researcher Nathalie Maitre about her work with Cerebral Palsy Foundation to create an early detection and intervention network, what this means for babies and their families and how this is being scaled to meet needs in more and more places. Nathalie talks about how babies learn, how CP can interrupt this process and how interventions can help.  She also talks about her motivation and why she is so passionate about helping babies at such a young age.

"Everything I do ... whether it's clinical care or research or advocacy, or trying to change the world, really ... it doesn't happen without families. What is the point of devising an approach, a strategy to care, an intervention, if families are not part of it?"

Dr. Nathalie Maitre