3 for the under 3: A new intervention to support parents of children with movement delays!

New Research Study Recruiting Now!  Do you have a child with a motor delay? Join the 3 for the Under 3 Study to Help with a cartoon image of a woman holding a baby while holding the hand of a toddler standing next to her
Parents often hear that their child has a delay of movement skills long before they have access to the services that could help their child.

Sometimes, even when their baby is receiving services, the focus is so much on what their child is doing or should be doing, that parents do not feel they can make changes happen for their baby on their own. 3 for the under 3 aims to change this status quo, by empowering parents who have been told their child may have movement delays in the present or the future.

Through a series of 9 interactive sessions and daily nuggets of content and fun things to do with their babies, parents learn how to help their children’s movement skills progress. They learn safe ways to practice that do not add too much work or time to their busy days.

"My family has benefited so much from the 3 for under 3 study. Each week I learned more and more about how to better myself and aid my child in their motor development. It was refreshing to connect with people who understood a special needs parenting perspective! I looked forward to our class each week and I am thankful for the BBOP team at Emory for creating a wonderful learning opportunity for parents.”  

What will happen during the study?
  • The study of 3 for the under 3 is entirely done through private social media groups, so parents can participate through their phones or tablets.
  • You will participate in 9 one-hour educational group sessions through a private Facebook group. These will take place once a week for 9 weeks, with many times of day/days of week available.
  • At each group session, you will learn about how motor skills develop in young children and how you can help your child learn new motor skills.
  • Between sessions, you will have FUN homework, such as playing with your child during regular daily activities. You can chat with other parents and study team members via the Facebook group throughout the study.
  • You will be asked to take a survey before the group sessions begin and one after the sessions end, with each lasting about 45 minutes. A study team member can help you.
Who can take part in this Study?

You may qualify if your child is under the age of 3 and has a motor (movement) delay. 

Every parent will get to be a part of the study, as those who have to wait for the first group to be finished (they a randomly assigned to the wait-list), get the intervention right after the first 9 weeks are finished.

Will I be paid for the study?

Yes and the intervention is free to all parents participating. Parents get paid to complete questionnaires so that we can improve the intervention for more parents in the future.

How do I get more Information?

For more information or to sign up for the study, call or text our study team at (470) 372 - 8378 or email bbop@emory.edu

Principal Investigator: Dr. Nathalie Maitre

Every parent deserves to feel powerful and smart in helping their child who has a movement delay. No matter what services they are waiting for, no matter how crazy their life may feel, parents can receive the support they need to help their babies.

Nathalie Maitre, MD - Research Study Principal Investigator