Episode 7. Let's Talk CP. Cracking the Cerebral Palsy Genetic Code Part 2 with Dr. Michael Kruer, Physician Scientist at Phoenix Children's Hospital

Photo of Dr. Kruer in his lab, wearing a white lab coat looking at a test tube sample.


Are you interested in learning more about possible genetic causes of Cerebral Palsy? Let's Talk CP host, Cynthia Frisina talks with Dr. Michael Kruer about this topic and his ground-breaking research in Part 2 of a fascinating discussion about the possible genetic causes of CP and new research. When Michael Kruer was in medical school, he knew he wanted to work with children.  With advancements in gene therapy opening up incredible opportunities in neuroscience, he realized he could be a part of something much bigger than himself and give children affected by movement disorders like cerebral palsy hope that didn’t seem possible just a few years ago.

Today, working with a consortium of physicians and researchers from around the world, Dr. Kruer is using cutting-edge technology to discover the genes that can lead to some causes of cerebral palsy. His work has the potential to remove some of the mystery that comes with a cerebral palsy diagnosis, by giving families greater insights and helping doctors improve outcomes. 

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"People that were not born premature, that did not have a lack of oxygen, for whom there was not a stroke, or an infection, or any other of the major risk factors that are known to cause CP. We're finding this for a large proportion of those people, we're able to identify a genetic misspelling that actually seems to directly lead to their CP."

Dr. Michael Kruer, Phoenix Children's Hospital