Can Genetic Testing Help You or Your Child?

Photo of a boy in an orange shirt with green pants in a yellow wheelchair next to his mom, a woman in a blue shirt and white pants kneeling next to him with text to the left that reads: Genetic testing can be an incredibly powerful tool when the cause of CP is unclear.
Now you can receive a no-cost genetic test for you or your child sent directly to your home.

If your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) or has symptoms of CP without a clear cause, there may be a genetic reason.

Young girl and woman smiling while looking at a tablet

New research is showing that up to 30% of CP cases may have a genetic cause. Some of these genetic conditions may have life changing treatments for the first time.

If you or your child have cerebral palsy where the cause is unclear, there are no-cost genetic tests and no-cost genetic counseling that can help answer some of these questions.

In fact, new genetic testing through PTC Therapeutic's Pinpoint Direct program has expanded to look at 425 different genes, providing more information than ever into potential genetic causes of cerebral palsy.

Genetic Testing May Help You:


  • Learn if CP symptoms have a genetic cause and understand the prognosis.
  • Discover the cause of symptoms when the diagnosis doesn't explain them.
  • Determine the right plan for you or your child's care, including new and emerging options.
  • Eliminate unnecessary treatments or medications that can cause complications
What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing looks for a genetic cause or risk for certain health problems. Knowing if you or your child's health problems have a genetic cause can help you and your doctors better understand the prognosis, ensure the appropriate treatments are in place, and learn about family planning implications. 

If you/your child qualifies, there is no cost for the genetic test and the genetic counseling, thanks to the support of PTC Therapeutics. 

"As medical knowledge continues to advance, the need for genetic testing and counseling is becoming a standard of care for patients with cerebral palsy in many cases, especially when the cause is unknown."

Timothy Feyma, MD
Child Neurologist at Gillette Children's