Episode 5: Let's Talk CP. What is Genetic Counseling and How Can it Help Your Family?


If you're interested in learning more about what is involved with genetic testing  and how a visit with a genetic counselor might be helpful, join Cynthia Frisina, the host of Let's Talk CP, as she dives deep with licensed genetic counselor, Danielle Lemke and they talk about what genetic counseling really is, how it can help and what it might be used for as it relates to potential genetic causes of cerebral palsy.  Danielle explains how some of the genetic causes of cerebral palsy can be identified through genetic counseling and how a family might qualify for no cost testing.  

Genetic counselors are advanced trained medical professionals in the area of human genetics and counseling techniques, and they have specific training and experience to help individuals and families make decisions regarding their genetic health and to ensure that a person and their family are receiving the right tests at the right time.

Danielle Lemke