CPF LIVE! with Lily and Tommy Collison

CPF Executive Director Rachel Byrne talks with Lily Collison and her son Tommy about their journey with Cerebral Palsy, Lily's book, Spastic Diplegia, Tommy's work and much more.

“And CP care, I think just came along with that, towards the end. And I found a PT at NYU, because I knew that without mom kind of nearby, I would need someone keeping me honest here, making sure that I was still doing all of the exercises and everything. And I guess proving kind of what a small world it is, that the PT that I had in Gillette... So I had a PT at NYU who I worked with, and the PT at Gillette had gone through NYU's I guess graduate PT program and knew him, and it's kind of a very, very small world in the end.”

Tommy Collison