Episode 11: Participation with Nathan Rosenberg, MD

About this Episode

On this episode of Cerebral Palsy Health, Jen talks with physiatrist Nathan Rosenberg, MD from Nationwide Children's Hospitals about participation, helping parents make decisions about treatments and sorting through when treatments are worth it, or not. 

Nathan Rosenberg, MD, is a Pediatric Rehabilitation Physician (Pediatric Physiatrist) at Nationwide Children's. He is the medical director of the rehabilitation inpatient consultation service. Additionally, he participates in outpatient clinics caring for children with cerebral palsy, brain injury, spinal cord injury and a host of additional conditions that impact how a child functions. He is a member of the neuro-oncology and cerebral palsy comprehensive care clinic teams.

The people I know that have been through this journey and that are on this journey that have teenagers will tell me that they wish they would've thought of participation earlier about leisure, earlier about community inclusion activities earlier.

Dr. Nathan Rosenberg