Home Automation and Adaptive Gaming

This presentation for the AACPDM Community Forum gives an overview of home automation devices and adaptive gaming including:  How home automation and adaptive gaming can benefit individuals with disabilities; what to consider when choosing devices or gaming systems; and how to set up most common devices.

Presenters also cover their personal experiences with adaptive gaming and assistive technology and provide resources to learn more.


Home Automation
Panelist: Stephanie Vasques-Gabela

Stephanie Vasques-Gabela will give an overview of home automation devices, what to consider when choosing home automation, and how to set up most common devices.

Stephanie Vasquez-Gabela works as the Clinical and Research Coordinator at the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC-Center for Assistive Technology. Stephanie holds a BS in Mechatronics Engineering and a MS Rehabilitation Science and Technology. She is passionate about working with people with disabilities and to support in the provision of appropriate assistive technology. Her current role has provided her with experience in wheelchair standards, assistive technology evaluations, set up and training for people with disabilities who need computer access for college, post-secondary training and vocational purposes. She also has experience in Smart Home Technology and is currently working at the Center for Assistive Technology to expand this area.

Adaptive Gaming
Panelist: Steven Spohn

Steven Spohn, COO of AbleGamers Charity, will discuss the various adaptive gaming systems, ways to choose gaming systems, benefits of gaming, and how to obtain gaming systems.

Steve is an award-winning author, and advocate for people with disabilities. He currently resides outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his two cats. Steve is an avid gamer who champions for people with disabilities in the video game space as a means of defeating social isolation. When not writing or doing charity work, you can find him reading the latest sci-fi novels or cracking jokes on social media.

All Access Life
Panelist: Bradley Heaven

Bradley Heaven, co-founder of All-Access Life charity, will discuss his personal experience with assistive technology and adaptive gaming over the years.

Bradley was born with nonverbal spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, but he never lets it hold him back from living life to the fullest. Since Bradley is nonverbal he has his own way of communicating with his eye movements and body gestures. He also uses assistive technology to communicate and live life to the fullest.  Bradley co-founded All-Access Life charity to create a website that showcases the latest trends and movements in adaptive products, assistive technologies, adaptive apps/software, and general information. 

Video Games have the power to level the playing field, create equality and they give you the ability to stay connected to the community.

Steve Spohn