The Nonverbal Princes

The Nonverbal Princess Book Cover

Based on the real-life events of actress and model Jessica Frew, this princess story breaks through barriers of disability. It builds bridges for inclusivity with a storyline that transcends traditional fairy tales. With so many who feel unseen and unheard in the disabled community, The Nonverbal Princess gives a voice to the voiceless, putting the need for equality at center stage with a spotlight that shines with hope for inclusion. A book for all ages, The Nonverbal Princess is not your typical princess story, but seldom are interesting stories typical.

This tale is designed to challenge assumptions about disability and celebrate our shared humanity with a happily-ever-after of valued diversity. While this is a fairy tale, the happy ending can be made real. It begins with awareness, continues with acceptance, and is found with an appreciation for what makes us different. Our differences don't define us, and they shouldn't divide us. For those who feel unseen and unheard, The Nonverbal Princess is dedicated to you.