Advocacy, Legal & Benefits

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Often we need extra help navigating the healthcare, personal care, education, and legal system. In this section, we are collecting the resources that can help with advocacy needs across the lifespan. 

Personal Care Attendants

Personal Care Attendants can be an integral part of an individual with Cerebral Palsy's life. They can provide direct support services needed to help someone with the basic activities of daily living such as hygiene needs, preparing meals, or housekeeping to providing support in employment, transportation to and from appointments, help in school and so much more. The articles in this section are designed to assist you in finding and keeping a personal care attendant who can meet your needs. 

Understanding Benefits

Understanding disability benefits and appropriate ways for individuals with disabilities to save money or plan for the future, can be quite complicated. The resources in this section are designed to give an overview of some the available disability benefits and resources associated with them. 

Jennifer Lyman
Cerebral Palsy Resource Content Manager, AACPDM Community Council Member