Episode 3. Let’s Talk CP. Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Hank Chambers Shares Advice & More for Parents of Kids with Cerebral Palsy


Wondering what to expect if your child has an appointment with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon? Still confused about the different types and levels of cerebral palsy? Cerebral Palsy Foundation host, Cynthia Frisina talks in depth with pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Hank Chambers, who is also the father of an adult son with CP, about different considerations for different ages and stages of a child with cerebral palsy. Dr. Hank Chambers is refreshingly compassionate and informative with great insight for families.

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There's going to be a support group for you, that eventually you're going to come out of that procedure realizing that the people that you're working with, the physicians, the therapists, the nurses, are there to help you help your child achieve their maximum potential. And if they're not, then you need to get a different doctor, a different group, because that should be our goal for all of our children.

Hank Chambers, MD