Episode 2. Let’s Talk CP. What Should You Expect at Your Child’s Medical Appointment with Dr. Lisa Thornton


Preparing yourself and your child well for medical appointments means a better experience for everyone.  Our “Let’s Talk CP” podcast series continues Cerebral Palsy Foundation host, Cynthia Frisina talking with Physiatrist Dr. Lisa Thornton about cerebral palsy, spasticity and what to expect at many kinds of medical appointments. Questions include what to expect when procedures like botulinum toxin injections are recommended, how to talk with a clinician when “little ears” are listening, and much more.

This episode is made possible with the support of Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals.


I think we want to be sure with all of our children, not just children with CP, to focus on their strengths. What is incredibly wonderful and uniquely marvelous about your child who happens to have cerebral palsy but who also has these other amazing things about them and really celebrate those and let your child know how much you value the person they are, not the person they're not.

Lisa Thornton, MD