Michael Kutcher

Michael Kutcher, Keynote Speaker, Cerebral Palsy and Organ Donation Advocate

From the moment of birth, Michael Kutcher has overcome challenges and conquered obstacles.  Born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as the unexpected twin brother of actor Christopher “Ashton” Kutcher, Michael met his first of many challenges at delivery. Entering the world notably smaller than his twin at less than five pounds, Michael was hardly responsive and struggled to take his first breath.

Thanks to outstanding medical care and his instinct to survive, Michael pulled through his first days and weeks, although not without lasting adverse effects. By age three, Michael was battling significant developmental delays. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy before he entered kindergarten and also had a life-saving heart transplant as a teenager as a result of heart failure brought on by a virus.

It was this second close brush with death that opened Michael’s eyes to the fragility of life and inspired him to take control of the future he once thought he wouldn’t have. Michael graduated from Mount Mercy University with his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Finance .

Michael’s medical triumphs and perspective on Cerebral Palsy have led him to serve as an advocate and public speaker for Reaching for the Stars and the Cerebral Palsy community. Michael has shared his story on Capital Hill, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the National Institute of Health and AACPDM.

When he’s not advocating for Cerebral Palsy awareness or inspiring audiences around the nation as an inspiring speaker, Michael resides in Denver, Colorado, where he’s built a successful career as an Assistant Vice President for Transamerica.  In his free time, Michael enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and playing golf.

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