Punching through the Pain - Adaptive Boxing!

About this Episode

In this compelling episode from a local podcast host "Coach Dave" talks with Ian "Two Guns" Cannon, about his troubled past leading him to the boxing ring, where he finds empowerment and purpose. Ian shares his challenges and triumphs, from building a local accessible and adaptive boxing program to advocating for fighter safety, all while envisioning a future where boxing transforms lives globally, including potentially a paralympic sport. Viewers are left inspired by the sport's capacity for resilience and empowerment.

In this episode you will learn about what training and competition looks like for CP boxers and what opportunities exist to get involved with boxing. 

I was a teen wanting to fit in and these people treated me like I was normal from day 1! There was no kid gloves approach. I was doing one of the most physically difficult and mentally demanding activities and I was seeing my body change, my function improve. The level of empowerment I felt just from the moment I first hit the bag was like someone gave me the keys to my dream house!

Ian Cannon