Episode 7: Cerebral Palsy Health. Noam Platt - Makers Making Change

We rely on assistive technology for everything from holding utensils better to using a complex communication device. Makers Making Change is helping to create both custom and affordable assistive tech for all abilities and needs. 

About this Episode

In this episode, Jen talks with healthcare architect Noam Platt about Makers Making Change, an organization that is creating affordable assistive technology for individuals with disabilities. They discuss how this program works, types of assistive tech that are being made to order, as well as tech designs that can be downloaded and made at home.

Additionally, mentioned in the podcast, they discuss 3D printing and generative design, for those interested in learning more about how this process works, check out the courses offered by PrintLab.

There's no base skill level you have to have to be a good designer or be a good listener and have good ideas. I just want to encourage everybody to look and see if there are make-a-thons and feel empowered to participate in them because you definitely have something valuable to add.

Noam Platt