Episode 2: Cerebral Palsy Health. Mary Gannotti, PhD, PT: Fitness, Health and Function Across the Lifespan for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy

About this Episode
Photo of Jennifer Lyman and her son with the copy Cerebral Palsy Health by Jennifer Lyman across to the top of the image

In this episode, Mary Gannotti, PhD, PT, discusses fitness, health and function across the lifespan for individuals with cerebral palsy.

Mary is a physical therapist and medical anthropologist whose personal life experiences and her professional experiences help shape her research in disability, especially cerebral palsy. She specifically looks at how personal and environmental characteristics impact disability status and treatment effectiveness. 

We discuss fitness and health recommendations for individuals with cerebral palsy including bone health, prevention, and primary care to prevent declines in function with age. Mary provides evidence based solutions to help those with cerebral palsy age in healthy way.

In addition, Mary discusses current patient driven research initiatives through MYCP (an initiative of CPRN) and arms listeners with her latest chapter in Freeman Miller's (soon to be published) book, Cerebral Palsy: A Complete Guide to Caregiving,  in which she and David Frumberg, MD provide an in depth look at the state of therapy services for adults with cerebral palsy and offer recommendations to optimize health and well being across the life span. 


"We need interventions that are sustainable and meaningful, that really do something for adulthood. What are we doing to these kids in childhood and what really makes a difference in adulthood? I'm going to tell you, it's going to be things to improve your skeleton and your muscle mass and your cardiovascular status."

Mary Ganotti, PhD, PT