CPF LIVE! with Peter Rosenbaum, MD: Disability in the 21st Century

CPF Executive Director Rachel Byrne and renowned developmental pediatrician, Dr. Peter Rosenbaum, talk about cerebral palsy research, current trends, the International Classification of Function, Disability and Health, and much more!

"I have had the opportunity for many years to work with really good policy makers and civil servants, and these are smart, dedicated, hardworking people. They don't spend end all day listening to these kinds of conversations. And so our responsibility is to bring them up to speed with new thinking, so that the policies and the programs and the funding that are available reflect modern thinking, and that we don't just scream and yell for more therapy, but we scream and yell about what the therapy is meant to accommodate, meant to accomplish. We scream and yell about integrated schools and recreational programs in the community and opportunities for people to have employment even if they use a wheelchair and so on and so on and so on. So I want to see us working to apply what we know already."

Peter Rosenbaum, MD