It's Okay To Make Mistakes

Part of the process of having kids with disabilities is making mistakes and I've made lots

I don't think I've figured out yet how to really deal with making mistakes and not feeling guilt. There's a lot of stress and time-related pressures that come with having a child with disability and it can take a toll on a relationship.

It's so extremely important to have open dialogue between parents and other family members when you have children with disabilities. We make sure we have very open communication and if we don't know an answer, we find an answer. We do a lot of research. We talk to experts. We really do our homework if we're uncertain about something.

I recently found out that there's a better way to administer Botox with a pain free method and that's not something that I knew about or that my child has been privy to for the last five years. There are always going to be tough times. It doesn't matter if it's when your child's in the NICU or when they're 25, you have to find a way to work through it when it's hard to talk about. You don't have an option because it's in the best interest of your child. Draw in all the support that you can and get all the help you can, but you will get through it. You may not see it then, but you will.