Children and Youth with Complex Cerebral Palsy: Care and Management

Written for both clinicians and families, this comprehensive guide to complex cerebral palsy utilizes the ICF to organize and guide the subject matter in order to assist both clinicians and families to maximize participation for those who are impacted more significantly by cerebral palsy.

Book Cover with five photos of youth with cerebral palsy. Top left photo of a boy in a wheelchair wearing a red shirt holding a chicken, top middle photo of a young girl finger painting, top right photo of a toddler in a white dress sitting in the grass, bottom left photo of a teenaged boy wearing a blue shirt in a wheelchair playing baseball, bottom right photo of a girl wearing a black and red cheerleading uniform using a walker

The first practical guide focussing on complex cerebral palsy, primarily GMFCS IV and V, this comprehensive book edited by Drs. Laurie Glader and Rich Stevenson, is full of helpful tools for caregiving and medical management across the lifespan. Contributors include experts in the field of neurodevelopmental medicine, therapists, parents and individuals with complex cerebral palsy.