Evidence and Guidance for Support for Standing

Standing devices are specialized products that are individually configured to meet the medical and functional needs of children and adults with mobility related limitations and disabilities. For those with a mobility impairment, standing may be beneficial and access to devices that allow one to safely stand can improve health and function, prevent decline, and improve participation in many activities. Standing devices are classified as Complex Rehabilitation Technology and adequate access provide health benefits while also keeping health care costs down.  Therefore a lack of access to these devices harms individuals who require this technology and will result in increased health care costs.  

The process for obtaining a standing device begins with clearance that the client can safely stand and is followed by an evaluation by a physical or occupational therapist as well as a physician prescription. A letter of medical necessity contains the specific benefits expected by that client and the consequences of not providing the device.  

The attached paper provides the evidence backed details to provide insurance when prescribing a Standing Device.