Christopher Modlesky, PhD

University of Georgia Athletic Association Professor of Kinesiology

Christopher Modlesky, PhD, is a University of Georgia (UGA) Athletic Association Professor of Kinesiology and is Co-director of UGA’s Pediatric Exercise and Motor Development Clinic. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine and is the current chair of their Research Committee.

Dr. Modlesky has been studying disability, with a special emphasis on children with cerebral palsy, for nearly 25 years. One of his primary areas of research is in the assessment of the musculoskeletal system using different imaging modalities, such as magnetic resonance imaging and dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. He has developed unique collection and post-processing techniques that have allowed his lab to assess detailed structural aspects of muscle and bone in children with cerebral palsy. His research also focuses on determining the effect of different treatments on the musculoskeletal system and physical activity of children with cerebral palsy. Dr. Modlesky plays an active role in promoting CP-focused research and developing the next generation of researchers. To support his work, he has received external funding through grants from the National Institutes of Health, the United Cerebral Palsy Research and Educational Foundation, and the National Osteoporosis Foundation.

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